Tim Tebow Signs with the Mets

Just over a week after his tryout in front of over 40 MLB scouts, Tim Tebow finds a baseball home. There were several teams competing for Tebow’s attention, including the Atlanta Braves, who most people thought would be the best fit for Tebow given their location.

Around 8:00 am this morning, September 8, the Mets posted on their Twitter account that they had signed Tim Tebow. They followed that up by saying Tebow will begin his career in the Instructional League in Florida, where teams send young prospects to enhance their abilities. There is some potential that Tebow could end up in the Arizona Fall League by the end of the year, which would mean he’ll likely begin playing advanced A baseball in Port St. Lucie next season.

Perhaps a good business decision in terms of receiving an influx of cash that Tebow will bring in, the Mets have made a signing that will likely not yield very much on the baseball field. Given his age, 29, and the last time he played, 12 years ago as a high school junior, Tebow will likely not make it past AA Binghamton with the Mets, which is the same level Michael Jordan’s baseball career halted, with the White Sox AA Birmingham Barons.

Should Tebow end up in the Fall League, we’ll likely quickly find out where Tebow stands in terms of skills. In the Fall League, he’ll face some of the best young talent organizations have to offer, as all 30 teams send prospects to the Fall League to get more playing time and improve their game.

The Tim Tebow Saga still continues, and now that he’s signed, we’ll quickly have a chance to see how he’ll perform in professional baseball. And if he fails, he’ll likely have a pretty good analyst gig setup for him back at the SEC Network covering college football.

UPDATE: It’s reported that, of the 10 teams interested in signing Tebow, the Mets were the only ones that are going to allow Tebow to continue his career as an analyst with the SEC Network.


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